Wednesday, 10 January 2018

23% of Indian Freelancers earn upto Rs 60 Lakh Per Annum

Trust it or not, Indian specialists make as high as Rs 60 lakh for each year. While the normal wage made by Indian specialists is Rs 20 lakh for every annum. 

The computerized installments stage, PayPal directed a study that shrouded 500 consultants in the nation. The overview report proposes that 23% of all specialists win upwards of Rs 60 lakh for each year. While the Indian IT experts are attempting to keep their normal everyday employment, this information comes as a major shock. 

The majority of these specialists are putting forth their administrations to the US-based customers. The report features the solid development prospects of outsourcing in the nation. PayPal has additionally featured the difficulties looked by Indian Freelancers. There has been a fast development in experts settling on outsourcing as a vocation. 

The study expresses that the greater part of the Indian specialists are male IT experts younger than 40. While the best IT firms are losing the global business, the 41% specialists affirmed that the development has been high over the most recent one year. 80% of the consultants affirmed that they take a shot at both household and worldwide task. 

The report likewise features the sort of administrations offered by these specialists. The Indian consultants offer the vast majority of the administrations in web and portable advancement, information section, web planning, versatile application improvement and web explore accounts. There is an expanding interest for assignments in realistic outlining and consistency benefits also. 

The report peruses, "Of the extensive variety of viewpoints, specialists feel that they require outside help in angles, for example, setting up their own particular site, finding and holding customers, expense and arrangement counsel, security and protection." 

Among every one of the organizations that these consultants work for, the vast majority of the work originates from the United States, UK, and Australia. On a normal, these consultants take a shot at 15 extends every year and have normal 13 retailer customers to guarantee soundness and security. With the normal pay of Rs 20 lakh for every annum, it's nothing unexpected that millennial laborers are choosing independent work over full-time positions.

Sunday, 8 October 2017

U.S. Economy Lost 33,000 Jobs Last Month For The First Time In 7 Years

The United States economy has suffered the loss of 33,000 jobs in September. The hurricanes in Texas, Florida and neighboring states have created a big setback for the economy. This is the biggest monthly decline in last event years.

With the payrolls falling by 33,000, the unemployment rate has fallen to 4.2 percent. The Bureau of Labor Statistics has recorded the lowest unemployment rate in 16-years. The job loss is even higher than the time when the economy was going through the Great Recession. On the other hand, closely watched hour wages have gone up to an annualized rate of 2.9 percent.

Economists had predicted the payroll growth of 90,000 in September as compared to the 169,000 in August. Even at this number, the unemployment rate should have been steady at 4.4 percent. The part-time jobs have also fallen from 8.6 percent to 8.3 percent in the last month in the United States.
The effects of weather impact were quite obvious. The FMCG market tumbled, the supply and distribution channel was heavily impacted. Which further led to the loss of 105,000 job positions across the US. Agriculture sector too reported a heavy loss in the job numbers in the last month.

The only positive data is reported in the healthcare, transportation and business services sector. Healthcare added 23,000 new jobs, transportation and warehousing added 22,000 while professional and business services added 13,000 new jobs in the US economy. According to the report, average hourly earnings have gone up by 12 percent.

It has been seen that Indian students, who have been heading to the US in large numbers in recent years, are now wary of going to American institutions. According to a survey, around 26% of universities reported a decline in undergraduate applications from India, in addition to a 15% decline in India’s graduate applications. With this massive job loss in just a month time, the path to the US for a bright future wont be easy for Indian students.

Monday, 21 August 2017

Cognizant Ranked Between The Top 5 Recruiters From Premier B-Schools In India For The Fourth Year

The Economic Times, a top selling business daily, has ranked Cognizant among the top five recruiters from premier B-schools in India across industry sectors for the fourth year in the running. This was the sixth edition of the top recruiters list.

Now in its seventh year, The Economic Times Top Recruiters Survey found that 10 of India’s biggest recruiters hired a total of 1,175 MBA students from 26 leading B-schools in 2017. That compares with 1,543 hires in 26 campuses of the top 10 in 2016 and 1,033 hires from 22 campuses in 2015.

Cognizant ranked #2 in the paper’s annual ranking of B-school recruiters with 245 offers across 26 premier B-schools in India that were considered for the study.

Leading recruiters descended on B-school campuses in a fiercely competitive battle to get the best MBA talent on board, but overall hiring numbers took a hit in what was arguably one of the most challenging placement seasons in recent years. Placements 2017 drew to a close with IT company Cognizant powering ahead of ICICI Bank and Deloitte to emerge as the top recruiter across 26 of India’s top B-schools, an exclusive ET survey revealed.

James Lennox, Cognizant’s Chief People Officer, says, “We continue to see strong requirements of MBAs from premier B-schools as their contribution across lines of business has been significant. We believe that analytical problem-solving skills are inherent in MBAs.”

Sriram Rajagopal, Senior Vice President of Human Resources at Cognizant, says: “We have hired MBAs in significant numbers since 2000 and have been visiting premier B-schools in India, North America, Europe and APAC as a preferred recruiter for high-growth and challenging career opportunities that we are known to provide. Over the last three years, we have hired more than 1,200 MBAs to help propel our business growth. Cognizant is perhaps the most aggressive hirer of MBA talent in the country. We continue to hire MBAs to meet the requirements of our rapid growth.”


India's Top Campus Recruiting Company "Cognizant"

Trends suggest that companies across the board cut hiring numbers overall due to a combination of factors, including the immediate post-demonetization impact, caution on the part of recruiters and a slowdown in business sentiment, partly because of global uncertainty.

That, however, didn’t stop consulting and IT services companies from dominating the top 10 rankings — as in previous years — barring a few upsets here and there. Cognizant, which was replaced by Deloitte last year after a three-year run at the top, reclaimed the crown, with 226 hires in the surveyed campuses.

ICICI Bank, the only Indian banking major consistently on the list since 2013, came in at second place with 191 hires across these campuses.

Deloitte slipped to third, while IT services company Capgemini re-entered the list after four years at No. 4. Wipro held on to fifth position, while Amazon moved up three spots to six on the back of an aggressive campus hiring strategy. EY made its debut in the top 10 at seven. HCL Technologies made it back to the list in eighth place, having dropped out last year after placing at four in 2015. Accenture slipped to nine from last year’s six while KPMG also dropped three places to 10 from seven.

Infosys, which had returned to the top 10 after a four-year in 2016, dropped out of the list as did Tata Consultancy Services and IBM.

It should be noted that only the top 10 recruiters in each of the 26 B-schools covered have been considered for the purposes of the survey. The actual number of B-school hires for these companies across all campuses, they visited may be higher.

Wednesday, 16 August 2017

How to Write Freshers Resume To Get Career Change Job?

Don’t worry. On this blog you will find your answer related to resume issues. There are some useful tips for resume writing, Without experience resume is not a big deal to write. It's different from an ordinary resume. But it's easier to write by using good formatting.

Issues For Freshers Resume:

Core Issue: The core issue is a big deal to resume. Readers wants useful and easier document to check quality & ability. You must provide relevant information and simple format.

Employer Prospective: Always keep in mind that any employer has their own specific criteria. You must mention these criteria in full. If you don't address the criteria in a resume, Computer screen can reject your resume.

More Is Not Necessary: Quality and better in terms of the amount of text or formatting. Text and Formatting are in terms of amount. This amount shows quality. Include solid facts, without adornment, useful additional information, gives you a more chance.

  • Always think of the reader's needy. Format your resume in easy way.
  • Divide your resume into simple segments. This is useful for reader focus on specific information, Like - Qualification, Skill etc.
  • Allow space for your information. Don't try to cram things into space which are too small.

Freshers Resume Layout:
  • Name and Contact information header in large standard font. It looks easy to read.
  • Career Objectives - Keep this section brief & clear, don't include unnecessary content.
  • Qualification - Check to make sure you're providing all the information required and clearly define in terms of application requirements.
  • Technical Skill - This is a major checklist criteria for many technical candidates.
  • Mention relevant practical, experience - Projects, Related academic work and Internships.
  • Achievements - Define your achievements in a simple way.

Before Sending Resume Check Some Points
  • All employer, prospective criteria addressed or not?
  • Looks good or not?
  • Have you included all your high value information?

Friday, 28 July 2017

5 Things Before Considering Job Switch for IT Pros

Hunting for the next job can be tricky for experienced IT professionals. This includes preparing for the interview, updating your resume and finding a right employer. 

When you are planning for a job switch, one of the most important things that you need to check is, do you have right skills to land your dream job. The lure of a perfect job at the fantastic company is too difficult to ignore. The job transformation may seem overwhelming in the beginning but, this shift can have a major impact on tech-related jobs. We have listed 5 things that you need to know before starting the job hunt.

1. Telecommuting vs Desk Job

The growing trend in IT is the telecommuting. With the vast number of collaboration tools, it has become possible for technical teams to collaborate and work remotely. There are tools to share voice, video, chat and even your monitor screen. However, some employers are discovering that telecommuting is the not the best fit for their needs. You must know if the perspective company allows telecommuting or not. If you are used to having the desk job, you can probably accept the same in the next company as well.

2. Certifications matter

IT certifications are the best way to prove your experience in a specific field. While there is no guarantee that the certification equates your practical technical skills, it at least proves that you have a deep interest in this specific area of IT. Many recruiters that do not come from a technical background look for well-known certification to help them assess the right skills for the job. 

3. Contract vs Direct Hire

Considering the growing dynamics of IT industry, companies are preferring contract positions over direct hires. The direct hire position can provide comfort and ease of mind but, contract opportunities, on the other hand, can offer flexibility. There is an opportunity to make more money than regular full-time positions. If you are skilled at what you do, contracts can be extended for years or even converted into full-time roles.

4. Demand

You must check what IT skills are in demand. For last two years, big data, DevOps roles are leading. While the demand for a traditional system administrator is declining, there is a chance for these professionals to learn skills in DevOps. You need to constantly check these trends and train yourself for relevant positions. 

5. Startup vs Established Organization

A startup could be an ideal place for some to work. The potential to learn from latest technologies is best in startups. Many job seekers are attracted to the fast-paced “work hard, play hard” culture. Having said that, if startup stays for long enough, they will start tightening policies to streamline the future growth. However, startups never stay startups for long. Well established companies can offer you the comfort of work, structured environment and work culture.

For every individual there is always a problem getting recruited in top companies. For that you can visit NCR Jobs portal register yourself and then can upload resume and can apply for the respective job and get hires easily.There are various Jobs For Fresher in Delhi NCR through which one can get employed easily.

Thursday, 27 July 2017

5 Tips for Recruiting Better Candidates

Even when the unemployment rates are relatively high, most business owners struggle with finding and recruiting good employees. It’s difficult to become an expert in this field because recruiting new employees is not something you do very often. Therefore, you should try to adopt some of the strategies used by professional recruiters. A smart employer will recruit a candidate pool of potential employees before they actually need to fill a job position. Also, you can develop relationships with potential job candidates long before you actually need them. Here are some ideas and tips that may come in handy when you have a position available and have to recruit a large pool of candidates.

1. Start by creating an accurate job posting

This step often ends up being overlooked, even though it is pretty basic. Write a job description and read over it to make sure you’ve described the position accurately and that it’s easy to understand. A good job posting should say what the job entails and what kind of person would be a perfect match for such a position.

2. Make the application process easy

If the application process requires your candidates to fill out several pages of information before submitting their resume, you’ll probably lose them before they even apply. Highly skilled candidates probably have other options to consider, so they may just give up and go search for employment elsewhere. Therefore, it’s best not to make the application process difficult or complicated, especially because once a candidate gives up, they will be less likely to recommend you to others.

3. Use social media

Everyone’s present on some kind of social platform, whether it’s Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or Twitter. When it comes to employment, active job seekers turn to LinkedIn first, while the passive ones spend their time on Facebook. Leverage the power of social media to reach your potential employees, and redirect them to your website where they will be able to apply for a job. For example, you run an organic food shop and promote your company on Facebook and Instagram in an attempt to build your online community. That’s the first place to post any job opportunities, so that the people who are already fans of your brand can spread the word.

4. Respect those you chose not to hire

Even though you had to turn some candidates down, they are still people you might decide to hire sometime in the future. If they applied and never heard a word from you, they won’t hesitate to share their feelings with their peers. Create a way to stay on good terms with candidates you decided not to hire. Treat them with the same respect and courtesy you extend to your customers, because it will definitely pay off in the long run.

5. Become an employer of choice

Before your potential employees agree to join your business or organization, what do they consider? Is your company growing and making money? Is it stable? When a new employee joins you, will they feel like they are a part of something bigger than themselves? Will their talent be nurtured and challenged by new and exciting opportunities?
Once you have an answer to all of these questions, inspect each component of your recruiting process in order to be sure that you’re sending the right message. You must act like an employer of choice if you want to be one, and communicate it to your potential employees. Details are what counts the most – whether you answer your emails or return phone calls promptly. They will know that you received their resume, so you should respond to acknowledge it. They even appreciate when notified that someone else got the job they have applied for.
In the end, don’t miss any opportunity to publicize your job offerings. Receiving publicity on television, radio, in print and online is very important when it comes to recruiting. An interesting article and a few good words can portray your company in a positive light, leading potential employees to you. The ways you can recruit talented candidates are really endless, but if you do it right – the effort and time invested will be completely worth it.

Monday, 10 July 2017

NCR Jobs- Latest Jobs In Delhi NCR

India is a nation of 1.4 billion individuals with almost 60% of the populace near the age of thirty years. Almost 80% of the populace is utilized and the figures confirm the way that job is difficult to get and in the event that you are utilized, it is more impossible that you will wind up landing a position of your decision. Be that as it may, moving toward the circumstance in the correct way is the best option.

Following the pursuit of employment slant far and wide, scanning for the Latest Jobs In Delhi NCR in top companies has also ended up being more candidates agreeable. A colossal number of people from wherever all through the world are searching for Jobs. Some of them are freshers as well. The vast majority spend up to at least forty hours every week in paid business.

Some of the Latest Jobs In Delhi NCR are below:

  • Content Writing: Aiming to provide a fresh content and uniqueness for engaging target audience to create a need for the products and services, Content writing is on its peak. Start-ups, private companies and others need much more catering of customers to increase their business and profit at the same time. 
  • PHP Developer : Those with an innovative eye and a talent for innovation can have the best opportunity in PHP development. Candidate seeking future in technological department will be at the beneficiary state.
  • Digital Marketing :Now-a-days there is much higher chances of candidates getting jobs in digital marketing because now companies make candidate to study and provide workshop and get them engaged at the same time. As its scope in immeasurable there are much opportunities lying in this profession.
  • Telecaller: Candidates having efficient and superb vocational skill adding to their speaking skill will always benefit. In today's scenario maximum jobs relate to telecaller wherein it provides an assistance to the customers in clearing doubts and problems.
  • SEO Jobs : With an idea of exploring beyond the limit lies with Search Engine Optimization profession. Targeting audience, increasing reach, bringing business, catering customers is that it all matters in this profession. Candidates seeking job in Delhi NCR may get each bite of it when undergone with all the tools of SEO profession.