Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Companies to go for automated HR processes, 8% hiring in 2017

The year 2017 is here sooner than you thought. As in previous years, this year too, companies will upgrade HR processes to ensure that employees have a better and a long-lasting experience at work. HR experts say that the hiring intention of companies this year will be around 8% after demonetisation. Top hirers will be telecom, banking, financial technologies (fmtech), healthcare and education (edtech) sectors. These sectors will also see an upsurge in the number of jobs created.

What will differentiate this year from last year is that more companies will invest in automating basic HR processes through chatbots (computer programmes that can simulate conversation with humans-mostly over the internet). This will speed up screening of candidates and help reduce human biases. Other companies will focus on big data and tap into workforce analytics to track every stage of an employee's progression.

Professionals in demand would be those with two to five years of experience in handling chatbots (created through artificial intelligenceprocesses which enable machines to emulate humans and mimic cognitive functions) and data analytics. They would have most likely trained themselves on the job and acquired skills by working on projects, says Pankaj Bansal, co-founder and CEO at People Strong.

HRs will also take diversity at the workplace seriously, focusing on people's comfort levels in a multi-generational environment and improving employee experience. The annual performance review will die a slow death and the focus will be on regular appraisals and real time chats to apprise people of their strengths and weaknesses.

Hiring intention for this year will be around 8% to 10% after demonetisation. The sectors that will be the top hirers this year include telecom, banking, financial technologies (fin-tech), healthcare and education (edtech). These sectors will see anupsurge in the number of jobs created.

Mid to senior-level positions in IT (data warehousing and big data), bio-pharma, specialty chemicals, aerospace and business analytics and consulting roles in financial services and ITeS-related industries are likely to be in the limelight in 2017.

The biggest source of hiring employees will continue to be employee referrals and social media. HR will leverage newer sets of platforms where matchmaking engines will be the key "Companies will invest in applicant tracking systems that will have matchmaking algorithms built in. The entire process of recruitment will be automated. Interviews will take place through applications, chatbots will be used as assistants to candidates and will improve candidate experience, bringing about uniformity of communication between employers and candidates. The entire process of generating an offer letter will be automatic and the candidate will get to accept or reject it through an app. If he accepts it, he will be given a boarding pass. Chatbots will also guide candidates through the entire boarding process," says Bansal. 

For Concentrix India, employee referrals remain a key source of talent acquisition. "We have n in-house app called myREF, an employee referral programme management system that facilitates employee hiring through a digital process. It enables employees to become hiring partners by tapping into active and passive job seekers in the employee's personal, social, and professional network," says Jojo Mathews, head of HE, Concentrix India.

Thursday, 29 December 2016


New Year decoration:

In the New Year decoration we are in the excitement  of entering in a new year. So people are decorate there home and offices in different ways. Every country has  different ideas of decoration. In India the celebration is nature-friendly. Decoration of anything is like to give the award to someone and at the new year time we will face the new year so we will give the award to the last year with the new year decoration in the home and offices. Basically decoration is the color combination and the artistic effect with  the occasion and the positive thinking of the human.
New Year decoration ideas:
When the people are decorate their home and offices they have a happy feeling and feel good and fresh. Because the ideas of decoration are moving towards the positiveness. This positive approach is helps in build the confidence and clear the mind. Due to decoration people can hide their imperfection and impress themselves and other also they get inspired the creativeness of the decoration. The decoration spread the positive attitude towards the people that's why people are decorate the home and the offices in the new year with several emotions and ideas.

There are many ideas for the new year decoration such as:
Light up candles with fragrance in every corner of the home and room, blinking lights are decorates on the walls in the shape of new year alphabets like HAPPY NEW YEAR or in any shape.

Decorate your home with a particular theme and these themes are depends on nature of human and what he/she wants in the future year. decoration with waste material or renew the old things, make the hand crafts. such as 

Cartoon theme - in the cartoon theme every thing in home is decorates in funny ways. This theme is directly connect to the kids. For the kids you can plan this theme of decoration your home.

Artistic theme- in this theme the decoration is the rangoli decoration is include and draw the rangoli on the front of every door and stairs and crafting is also include in the art theme in this theme people are decorates their old or unused material with colorful papers and polythene such as bear bottles, old coffee mug, pen holders etc. 

Inspirational theme- in this theme people set the picture of their ideal persons or inspirational persons so that when they see those picture they will get inspire and full of new energy for the new year.

Thursday, 22 December 2016

How to make perfect arrangements for Christmas Party

Christmas Party

Christmas is a day of joy and celebration. It is the most awaited festival for everybody in the country. Even non-Christians also feel excited about celebrating Christmas. Parties are the most happening thing on the day of Christmas. Every individual comes up with an exciting plan for throwing party which is surrounded with lighting, music, dance, gifts, sweets etc. Christmas parties depends on the theme and the idea, whether you want to keep it simple or classy. As far as Catholics are concerned, they start their day with morning prayer, gift exchange, and celebration at the end. They plan their day accordingly. Organizing a Christmas party is a difficult and confusing task, you are flooded with lots of ideas for celebrating perfect Christmas. You have that festivity spirit in you for celebrating an occasion. One should start the planning process priorly so that if there are any changes to be made it can be done perfectly. When it comes to planning there are a lot of things which comes in mind before organizing. There are plenty of people you wish to invite them to the party, but everything depends on your preparation and idea. But I one thing is confirmed that you make sure that the party should be memorable.

Steps for perfect Christmas Party

There are numerous ideas through which you could have perfect Christmas party. It depends on your preference of having a perfect celebration. There are some basic points which can help you to have a perfect party. These points are as follows.

1. Decide a suitable date: As December is a month of joy and happiness, so there always a feel of festivity in the atmosphere. So, normally people have their various other plans, fix a perfect date for the party so that it would be easier for the people to attend your party.
2. Analyze your budget: Don't forget to plan your budget as per your preference, decide what need to be bought and what menu you have to keep for food and other things.
3. Plan your type: Make sure that you should decide what type of party you want at your place, for it should be a classy one or simple one. Brainstorm yourself before deciding a party.

4. Decide the venue: Decide your party venue according to your budget and the idea of having a perfect party, decide whether you want to have an open-house party or you want to have a closed venue. 

Friday, 16 December 2016

Resume Tips That Fresher Needs to Know

Fresher Jobs In India

India is a hub for opportunities, here you may get lot of chances for getting a good job. There are many industries which are flourishing well in the country, these industries are playing important role in hiring large number of workforce in the country and utilizing the work force in a smooth way. India is known for its human development, here every person is trained properly before joining any job. Here one can easily learn various things. Not only he can grab experience in a successful way. As far as freshers are concern, there is a ocean of opportunities for the freshers which they can choose as pr their interest. Freshers could select job easily according to their preference. When it comes to searching job, it is difficult task to find the suitable job because you are already competing with thousands of candidate. As fresher does not have any work experience, so he should brace himself on his skills and knowledge which he could tell during the time of the interview. Freshers should be focus on the profile which they want to choose and the company for which they are looking for.

Resume Tips for Freshers

Freshers should keep some important points in mind before making your resume, you resume is the thing which identify you in a successful manner. Your resume should be crisp and update, nobody has so much time to read your long paragraphs in your resume. For a job search resumes plays a very important role, it helps you to categorized yourself in a particular domain. Here are some points which would help you to make attractive resume;

1. Showcase Your skills: The basic point of the making resume is showcase your skills, try to highlight your skills in a systematic way, most of the firms focus on the skills of the candidate, so try to define your skills first.

2. Keep it simple: Your resume reflects your impression on the interview, if the resume would be too long or confusing then it may lower down the interest of the interviewer. So your resume should be simple and short.

3. Select a good format: A good format gives chance to crack interview in a smooth way, it helps you to improve your chances in getting hired. You can design your resume according to your objectives and skills. Your resume should contain all relevant information.

4. Avoid Grammatical errors: Make sure that there wont be any grammatical errors in the resume, this may give wrong impression, during the interview. Do proof reading of your resume or get it done by the expert so that you can be sure about the errors.

5. Search for a better job: After your resume is made, send your resume to the companies and other suitable recruiters. There are many companies who don't take candidate from colleges, they hire freshers from on-line job portal. Search for such kind of companies and grab the best.

Thursday, 15 December 2016

Impact of Demonetization on Job Market

Change in the Economy

Indian Economy has been fluctuating drastically, there are many changes which have taken places, in the recent years, inflation is rising, GDP has increased and the rate of import and export has increased. Indian Economy is the fastest growing economy, it changes according to the total income of the country, Indian Economy depends upon market, the more market would increase, more would economy will rise. The Economy of the respond according to the changes that take place radically. But In the recent times Indian economy has become imbalanced the richer is become richer and poor is becoming more poorer, as the flow of the money is not proper as per the equilibrium.

8th November, 2016 is considered as the most iconic date, it is because on this date, the prime minister of the country took an important decision for the welfare of the country, he banned note of Rs500 and Rs 1000, so as to bring back th secret wealth of the people. Demonetization is a longterm perspective which was taken immediately for the Monetary benefits of the country. It is impacted socially and politically,the India GDP was estimated to increased by 23%, Demonetization has given vast impact on the common man, as people used to use Rs 500 & Rs 1000. Money flows from the top, but now flow of the money is completely disturbed as people are not able to get money properly for their use.

Impact of Demonetization

Demonetization has impacted every individual, as the entrance of the money has become static and the money flow in the market has become stagnant. It was estimated that 90% of the people has Rs 500 and Rs 1000 note than any other currency, the industries are also facing the loss due to the demonetization because the sale and supply of the goods have completely stopped and the cash dealing business have become slow. More or less every industry is facing major problem, whereas job market is concern, job market has stopped working as recruiters are mere looking for a candidate to work. People normally look forward to work in the capital, as here industries are not doing well they have stopped hiring meanwhile due to problem in cash flow system, where as freshers jobs in NCR is concern, due to demonetization freshers are facing difficulties in getting placed in a reputed firm because the expectation which they have from the particular company is not up to the mark.

After Mumbai, Delhi is the city where you may get numerous job opportunities, there are lot of industries which are working tremendously but now days due to rapid changes latest jobs in Delhi NCR have stopped coming up, it is because of the cash flow system which have become weak for sometime.

Friday, 22 July 2016

Ways To Update Your Resume

Maybe you didn’t get the raise or promotion you wanted. Or a new, intriguing job opportunity that will advance your career. Suddenly, you need to dust off your old resume.

Don’t worry. Updating your resume in a short period of time can be done. These 5 tips will help you get your resume in tip-top shape quickly.

1. To speak to your audience, update your resume

To start with, recognize your gathering of people. What position would you say you are applying for, and what does the organization you're applying to do? Audit the employment posting precisely, and research the organization on Glassdoor. When you know more about the position and the organization, you ought to tailor your resume likewise. In the event that the position you are applying for is in deals at a tech organization, you ought to stress your "awesome shutting rate" offering a comparable specialized item, as that will be of real enthusiasm to the organization you are applying to. By focusing on your story all through your resume specifically to your gathering of people's needs, you will supply potential managers with a strong, aggressive resume that will stand out enough to be noticed.

2. Don’t just “add on” randomly to an existing resume

The new information you add to your resume, targeted to your audience, should be integrated and become part of a bigger and better picture. Don’t just make all new experience and skills the last bullet in each job experience you list, for example. Be thoughtful – make sure the resume is nonadhesive and tells a great story from start to finish to your intended audience. You want to sell them that you’re a great candidate for the position.

3. Don’t edit out too much previous experience when updating

Don’t worry about the length of your resume, and leave out important, relevant information. The number of pages of your resume has no impact on employers looking to fill a position. The key is making sure the information is clear, targeted to the right audience and lines up with the needs of those hiring. No one is going to turn away a job seeker because their resume is too long, especially if it proves they are the best qualified candidate for the job.

4. Be honest

As you update your resume for a specific role, it can be tempting to try to claim you have as many skills or experiences as the job description asks for. But don’t overstate your accomplishments or claim credit for a project you didn’t lead. Remember, no matter what a company may have advertised as a requirement for the position, these requirements are a wish list in many cases. Your skill level may not line up perfectly, but it may very well be closer than anyone else who has applied. Trying to overcome certain shortcomings in your career by overstating your abilities will only lead to disappointment for all involved. Be honest with yourself and your potential employer. Be brave and take a chance. It is better to lose honestly than to win dishonestly.

5. Update Your Resume Everytime you gain a new experience or title

File this tip away for next time! A good rule of thumb is to update your resume in real time as you get a new promotion or gain new skills. Regardless of how much or how little time you may have been in a position, you constantly are gaining new experience. Waiting too long between updates can lead to forgetting to add that experience. By keeping your resume current, you will be less harried the next time this happens.

You’ll have your resume updated in no time by following these tips. There are many job posting sites in india which can help you to find desired job and don’t forget to have a trusted friend or advisor proofread the resume for you before you hit “send.”

Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Golden Tips For Resume Writing

The resume is the identity of an individual. The person is judged on its basis after years of study. It is not easy to write a resume, one must know the format of writing. It should be eye catching. It must not contain any error. The most important thing in resume writing is that the candidate should know what the employer is expecting and he must include those golden words in his resume. Also, it is the first requirement for every job. One must be aware about some critical tips before writing. One should know what should be included and what should be left out. Career Objective, Qualification and education are the most important aspect. One must put his heart into the writing to get a winning resume.

Here are some tips which can help you to write the golden resume which can shape your career.
  • Format your resume Wisely
Do the well formatting of your resume. Generally it gets scanned within 25 seconds. It should not be hard to read or unorganized and should not exceed 2 pages. Use a logical format and wide margins, clean type and clear headings. Also, use bullets to attract attention.

  • Identify Accomplishments and not just the Job Description.
Focus on what you did in the Job and not what your job was. Always list your accomplishment and it must be true and unique. Always avoid using generic descriptions.

  • Quantify Your Accomplishments
A resume is a marketing document designed to sell your skills and strengths rather than just portray a biography of the candidate. One must include and highlight all achievements.

  • Prepare your resume for the industry
Unlike advertising and designing professionals the mechanical engineering industry won't be impressed and may be turned off by. Your accomplishments, error-free writing, grammatically-correct, clean, crisp type and paper will make the impression for you.
  • Replace your Objective" with a "Career Summary
Do replace your career objective with your career summary. It is designed to give a brief overview of who you are and what you do. All you need is to grab the manager's attention and for that you will have only 25 seconds to create a good impression. You can grab the opportunity within that time.

  • Network
For unemployed candidates there is a full time job of handing out resumes. Networking is an essential component to find a good job. It includes personal contacts, references from friends, seniors or family member. It also includes people who have worked with you or the people for whom you had once worked.

All, you need for a good resume is knowledge of the format and skills that will build up your career. Resume Writing is the first stair to your career. A good step can help you to reach to the sky heights. Be confident enough to face people and do not write anything about which you don't know. Never try to make a fake resume it can send you to the black list of the company. Be true and loyal to companies and to yourself.